Young stallions delivered in Ermelo for autumn testing 2010

Ermelo, sept.7-2010; 18 young stallions were delivered in Ermelo in the pooring rain. All passed their vetcheck and saddle performance. Doaitsen son Wessel (ds Jakob) could not be delivered, due to veterinairy problems, but will enter soon. Below a small photo report of the day:

Inspection on the street 16 Winbald fan Syneada (Beart x Oepke)

The new entrance of the 4 jr Aan son Tide (ds Sierk), dropped out at the spring testing. 1 2 Ysbrand fan de Ketting (Time x Anton) 6, Ytsen H (Rindert x Teunis) 5, Ywalt van de Demro Stables (Gjalt x Teunis) 15, Ylmer Poll (Wikke x Ielke)

Ywalt and Ytsen 7, Ysbrand (Onne x Feitse P) 9, Wilrik fan Synaeda (Beart x Piter)