Only three stallions left after the saddle-exam

Ermelo, 15-10-2010; Only three young stallion proceed the Ermelo stalliontesting after a severe selection. 

Last week Tide (Aan 416 x Sierk 326), Ywalt van de Demro Stables (Gjalt 426 x Teunis 332) and  Wessel fan Ikkerwâld (Ulbert 390 x Jakob 302) left the testing. Wykle fan Fryske State (Felle 422 x Olof 315) was withdrawn by his owners. Gjalt son Ywalt  and Doaitsen son Wessel will enter the Spring testing. Fetse son Wilco B, has a delayed exam.  Ylmer Poll (Wikke 404 x Ielke 382) has left the testing.

Winfried (Hinne 427 x Heinse 354) scored 83.5 pts today

Wiebe K. (Arjen 417 x Oege 267) scored 79.5 with rate 8 for his walk


Wylster fan 'e Wigêri (Rindert 406 x Rypke 321) scored 75.5 pts under saddle, but the judges expect him to excell in harness.