Stallions entered the 2011 'Spring' Testing

Ermelo 1 februari 2011; In the freezing cold morning, 9 young stallions -born 2006/2007- were inspected before they entered the 2011 'Spring' Testing.  Unfortunately Gjalt son Ywalt van de Demrostables, didn't improve since he left the 2010 testing, so he left. Harmen son Wichard H.V. seemed to have a small fungus infection, he's allowed to re-enter in 2 weeks,  Fabe son Wessel van de Woalderhoeve aswell.  Winbald fan Synaeda (Beart) and Doaitsen son Wessel were sent home after their riding performance, for different reasons.  

The now participating stallions are:

200600247 Thys fan Fjildsicht 23-02-2006 Veulenboek Ster Ielke 382
200702761 Wilfred van Thea F. 02-05-2007 Veulenboek Ster Hinne 427
200701223 Wybren van ASS. 27-03-2007 Veulenboek Ster Maiko 373
200701371 Yorick v.d. Giesenbos 05-04-2007 Veulenboek Ster Felle 422

Small photo impression: