Legendary Tsjerk 328 preferent passed away...

On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 the life of the stallion Tsjerk 328 came to an end.....

The stallion was and is of great significance. The Friesian horse is in a transformation process towards a modern horse and Tsjerk had an indispensable contribution. He also inherits a lot of luxury. Precisely that luxury is the pillar of the success of the Friesian horse. The number of 120 covers last year shows that the stallion was very popular. The stallion lived at the Toonen family's studfarm in Maren-Kessel, Holland.


1. father of six stallions

2. 669 daughters, 330 claims (50%), Model 9, 6 crown, 9 preferred.

3. 24 Sport rated horses


If we consider that many stallions have no sons, then the stallion line of Tsjerk is impressive. His sons are, Andries, Maiko, Michiel, Hinne, Norbert and Loadewyk.

Andries' sons Stendert, Sjerp and Tymon, while Hinne has a first approved son in  in Wimer.  Uldrik, Wibe and Jerke all came from Tsjerk daughters.

Through its 669 daughters Tsjerk has a large effect and that will only increase.

Already, nine daughters are preferent. Striking is the relatively high score of 24 Sport rated horses


Tsjerk is a son of the preferent Feitse and Wijkje, model, preferent and performance.

Wijkje (stam 38) has an impressive genetic predisposition. She is the mother of the stallions Djurre and Tsjerk and of three model mares: Jelkje, Metsje, Marrit star and six mares. Four daughters are preferent. Jelkje was champion showdriving in 1981 and 1983, in pair with full sister Metsje they were champions in 1982, 1983 and 1984. Elscke (Wijkje x Naen) was Z-level dressage. These three horses gave Wijkje the predicate 'performance mother'. Djurre got an 9 for his show driving test and Tsjerk an 8. Wijkje won many times, once the coveted prize of 'Best breeding group' on the fokdag.

Her father Nanne is of great mportance in her pedigree, we often find Nanne in horses with a driving rear. The genetic predisposition for luxury is due to inbreeding six times on Ynte 130. W find the government approved Ynte son Tyres as Sietske father, grandmother of Wijkje. Tsjerk Benedictus Bakkeveen  is the breeder Wijkje. When he had to stop his breeding, the Schuurmans family from Mantgum were very dedicated and pursued his work . Franke and Hanneke Schuurmans showed both  Jelkje and Metsje to many successes. They bred many championhorses from this line, including Tsjerk.

Complete stallion:

September 13, 1997, after Tsjerk's approval on offspring, I wrote in Friesian Agriculture Journal:
"Every sincere lover of the Friesian horse returned home Friday, September 5th, intensely happy.. Finally a sire that is 'COMPLETE', both in bloodlines and breedingresults. He inherits very positive in type and movement (especially trot) and presses a stamp on his offspring. He inherits a luxurious and modern type. Horses that show off a rich front which attentive little heads who see into the world in a happy and courageous way. The necks are usually nice and long like that of grandfather Jochem. The entire topline is strong, the proportions in length and height are good. The walk could be longer, but it is active. We can congratulate both stallion owners and the total Friesian breeding with this results. "

Meanwhile, these words are underlined by the inheritance index:

Index exterior
Racial type   conformation   legs        walk   trot

109                 107                     107          99      105


Author: D.G. Wiersma, translation by Holland-friesians.