Newly approved stallion in the USA: WYBREN 464!

Copyright Photos: Marc Di Leo

Wybren 464
On Friday and Saturday, 25-26 March 2011, the Dutch FPS judges came to California for the (delayed) review of the only stallion left in the 2011 spring testing; Wybren fan Northster. The performance test in California started off with 5 stallions, of which only Feike son Wybren got his approval. . Wybren 464 has a quite 'American' lineage, with the U.S. approved Feike 395 as his sire and the U.S.-based stallion Wicher 334 as his damsire. In the maternal line (stam 187) we find Wybren's mother, a star mare by Wicher 334 and then three generations of  first premium star mares. Wybren's grandmother is a star preferent mare by Jakob 302, his grandmother is a star mare by Jurjen 303. Wybren is bred and owned by Lana Markey from Wisconsin.

In the performance test achieved Wybren both driving and driving test 78 points, while the test rig was rated 73.5 points.

Since 2007, the selection of young stallions in the U.S. aligned with the Dutch FPS requirements. This means all stallions approved in the U.S., will cover at least two years in North America.