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Impression Hulshorst May 21, 2011

Hulshorst May 21, 2011, Sfter a long winter it's finally keuring time again! Something many fans have been waiting for. As the territory in Kootwijk was fully booked, the FPS booked a terrain at Hulshorst. Although the terrain was not ideal, the sun was shining bright and the public could enjoy the shiny blacks on green grass and sparkling white sand. Additional attractive aspect of this early testing is the foal book stallion keuring at the end of the day.

Uldrik, the 2011 Champion Stallion  got his first two foals with a first premium. The publics favorite Uldrik x Mintse (photo) was built very nicely, uphill, which reflected his very good trot, starting from the hind beautifully with a nice tact and good frontlegaction.

The categories of three year olds were ajoy to watch.
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Second premie star Gjalt x Tsjerk mare.




















Star at the foalbookstallion category:

Bendiks fan e Vestahoeve (Dries x Tsjerk) Full brother to Uldrik.