Four stallions left in the testings
after the saddle exam

Ermelo, Friday, October 19, 2012; Again a big tiebreaker in the group stallions at the saddle exam. Four young stallions may proceed the driving part of the testings. Jerke son Djoerd van Stal Linde gained 82.5 points at his saddle exam. Aernold fan Mark Sate (Wikke x Jakob) had a total score of 79 points. Onne son Bart van de Kilsdonk continues with 78 points at his saddle exam and Eelco van de Meikade (Beart) had 74.5 points, he will have to score at least 80 points at the driving test to get approved. Two stallions have the opportunity for a deferred final: Djarin (Beart) and Floris (Maurice), the latter was clearly not fit in his saddle trial. Eddy G. (Jisse) had to leave the testings due to his walk.

Aernold fan Marksate (Wikke x Jakob)


Bart van de Kilsdonk (Onne x Tsjerk)


Djoerd van Stal Linde (Jerke x Bonne)


Eelco van de Meikade (Beart x Heinse)


Hengst afstamming stap draf galop houding soupl schak impuls totaal
1 Aernold fan Marksate 200800766 VB Ster** Wikke 404 x Jakob 302 7.0 7.0 7.5 7.5 7.0 7.0 7.0 79.0