Norbert champion at the 2013 Stallionshow!
Tsjalle reserve champion.

Norbert 444 & Tsjalle 454

Leeuwarden January 12, 2013: THE STALLIONSHOW. Again record breaking when it comes to visitors from home and abroad. It's heartwarming's too see the messages coming in at the multimedia prior to the inspection, visitors on their way to The Event of All Envents ... the Friesian stallionshow. A true spectacle of 'hunks' in black velvet, with a status of an average popstar. "Last year I kissed Jasper ... I'll never forget ..." Just one of those quotes that indicate it's all about emotions.

Norbert 444 champion young stallions

Early Saturday morning the WTC already shook to its foundations when the older stallions were presented. The18-year-old preferent Jasper burned the house down! His son Beart-majestic as ever-demanded the championship of older stallions, his father Jasper got reserve place. The little theatrical act around identifying the champion was new this year. It was done by hand shaking the runner. After some false moves and slalom head of inspection Harrie Draaijer shook Jasper van Manen's hands. And not for the last time that day ...

Beart 411 waiting for the 'handshake'.....

The time of untrained stallions is clearly over. Without exceptions, they appeared smartly trained for the jury. Harrie Draaijer enjoyed judgeing the stallions from the crop 2007/2008. Each of those stallions were able to show 'fireworks' and the differences were very small. At the top was defending champion Norbert, a beautiful appearance with the best trot, very solid and balanced. How this stallion resembles his dam Amalia Annie (model/pref. by Hearke) in motion! But the stallions Maurits, Maeije and Mewes (in that order) were surprising too. In section 7 (class 2009), the subsequent reserve champion young stallions, the beautiful harness champion Tsjalle at number 1. His closest competitor Uldrik was perhaps slightly less flashy this time and got second place. Striking was the presentation of the young stallions Anders (piaffe / passage at the long lines), Wimer and Fabe son Alke. The stallions that got their approval in 2012 could not last ling in the champion ring, flashy Onne son Bartele got first place and the stunningly beautiful 3 yr Beart son Epke got second place.

The championships were a true climax, with the usual rousing beats and an audience that simply couldn't get enough! Favorite Norbert did not get distracted by all this 'violence' and showed himself a master of the trot, so fixed and in harmony. His biggest competitor Tsjalle got really close, showed some sublime moments of departure, uphill and rising.. but Norbert got the handshake and the orange ribbon with Tsjalle at his side as reserve champion.