Obituary Foeke vd Velde
Top breeder of Friesian horses








By: Doede Wiersma, Leeuwarden.


The 25th of June 2013 Foeke van der Velde from Terwispel passed away.

In the world of Friesian horses his name was very wellknown. His horses were wanted. Genius breeders as Folkertsma Pingjum, Oosterbaan Tzummarum, Ruiter Nij Beets, Osinga Pingjum, Rinsumageest Wiersma, who also had success with cows, bought his horses and achieved great success.

New breeders who wanted to learn, such as the family van der Meer Kootstertille, built a stud farm with a few horses from his breeding family from him. Threading the successes are now together. Also in those Foeke vd Velde followed its own course in the choice of stallions. He never ran to champion stallions. He rarely took part in tests with horses because he felt that juries too much stuck to the old-fashioned type. Afterwards his successes speak to the imagination.

The success story begins with the mare Namke, born in 1964. She came from a family with many generations thoroughbred to 1892.

Namke had a large reservoir of positive hereditary characteristics. The four links were for her preference, the highest rating for positive genetic predisposition. Unlike most horses Namke was already modern, large and slim.

She was willing to work on the farm and provided its services in the first Frisian chariot of Leo Krayenbrink. She was fertile and yielded sixteen foals. Her first daughter was born in 1968. Five of her daughters would be preferred to descendants. Her son Walter 282 was preliminarily approved. The offspring of this one mare, from 1968 to the recordings of 2009: several hundred studbook mares, two hundred star mares, including various crown and nine horses and mares model.

The truss of the breeding family is formed by almost thirty mares preference. A unique high number. The family tribes stallions: Walter 282; Barteld 292, 343 Anton, Sape 381; Beart 411, Jorn 430, and 431 Loadewyk. Beart is currently the strongest and most influential sire. The potential of the preferent stallion will be a culmination of generations of diligent breeder labor, most van der Velde.

In 1980 I bought the first colt at vd Velde and there would be three more to follow. In the 80's I came every year on the farm in Terwispel and enjoyed the hospitality, the thoughtful wisdom of Tine, walking through the land, the stables and seeing the foals. In a dialogue, in small groups on inspections, learned many of Foeke vd Velde. He had his own opinion and made himself heard. According to Foeke, the studbook was too focused on "multipliers". His desire was a breeding that would be more focused on dressage. He expected a joining of forces in the Federation of Mare Keepers. But the winds of the economic crisis took the wind out of the sails there.

Foeke and Tine were among the mainstays of the first Frisian chariot and tied together in the Frisian contraction and ringriding. Behind many of the horses bred by them is FT: Foeke and Tine. Daughter Pytsje is a valued instructor at the harness ponies, will continue the life's work of her father with twenty horses from the breeding family. But the horses from this important tribe are now by many and worldwide.

On cathedrals often worked by three generations. So it is with the mare strains, breeding family of the Friesian Horse. We build on what previous generations have done. Foeke and Tine van der Velde have made their contribution with great enthusiasm. For them words of Friesland great poet Obe Postma apply:


Mar yn dit gea, myn bodder, hasto boud

En dien wat moast.

’t Hie sunder dy

Syn plak net sa yn al it ierdske hawn.