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Our 20 years of experience in the Friesian horse-breeding and knowledge of the bloodlines,
combined with our contacts gives an extra advantage in finding
 the horse of your dreams!
Don't hesitate to send us an e-mail with your special request. (we have so many beautiful horses
available that don't get to this saleslist at all! )
Frisones en venta
Nuestros 20 años de experiencia en el caballo frisón de cría y el conocimiento de los linajes,
combinado con nuestros contactos le da una ventaja extra en la búsqueda del caballo
de sus sueños! No dude en enviarnos un e-mail con su solicitud especial. (Tenemos
hermosos caballos tantos Que no recibe esta disponible a la lista de ventas en todo! )
Friesen verkauf
Unsere 20 Jahre an Erfahrung mit der Zucht von Friesenpferden und das Wissen um die
Blutlinien, kombiniert mit unseren Kontakten, ergibt einen Extravorteil wenn sie das Pferd
ihrer Träume finden wollen! Halten sie sich nicht zurück und schicken sie uns eine e-mail mit ihrer Anfrage.


Dreamline, stam 2!!!!! Lots of preferents! SOLD



Unique chance for breeders! Very elegant, refined filly by 2008 WorldChampion and king of movement  HAITSE (s. Jasper) by a Tsjerk star mother. Her damline is super, with lots of preferents and models, from one of the best stams: Stam 2.  She goed back to the famous model preferent Eeldertsje, foundress of lots of quality offspring at the farm of  Anne Brouwer and Anneke Kuipers-Brouwer. (see the marebooks!) Stam 2 is stam of the approved Oege, Dimer, Rients, Oeds and more.

Damline: Hadewey fan Walta Ster  (Tsjerk) - Freya fan Synaeda Stb. Pref. (Meier)-  Pyrrha fan Synaeda  Model+Pref.(Oepke) - Deidre fan Synaeda Ster + Pref (Tsjalling) -Sytske ster (Hearke pref) - Ealdertsje Ster + Pref. (Ritske Pref) - Onori  Model + Pref. (Gabe)  - Eeldertsje Model + Pref. (Nammele)

Pyrrha fan Synaeda, now 20 yrs old and still breeding!, is a model preferent Oepke daughter. She's the starter of  Anne Oosterbaan's 'fan Synaeda' horses, wellknown for their quality and beauty. Pyrrha was rated first premie many times and has six starchildren and a famous model+prefent Tsjerkdaughter: Nanna fan Synaeda.

This beautiful little gem has a head, so chisled and refined, it will inspire every artist. She's trotting very well, with a good use of her hindlegs. Her presence is noble and feminin. Her dam, granddam and great granddam have good height too! 1.62 m - 1.61 m and 1.65 m.

Sire Haitse (by the unforgettable Jasper) doesn't need an introduction, check him out at our newspage: stallionshow Leeuwarden 2008. Haitse is number one breeder of movement and he's booked full every year. His offspring is very sought after.

Will this filly be the new addition to your breedingprogram?


*Check out her yearling sister by Lolke marked 'sold' at our listings.


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